On January 27, 2010 by Richard

How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

At the research stage of our projects we decided to watch and analyse similar products in the media. For our music video we used the video sharing website YouTube to stream music videos form the internet. This is a good example of new media technology as a couple of years ago to complete this task we would have had to watch a music channel on television and wait for out music video to be screened. However not the videos are available on-demand on the internet. When researching for our film opening we used 4oD to be able to watch film openings on demand. We also used the BBC iPlayer to watch soap operas and dramas of similar genres to be able to understand the typical representation of certain social groups.

We colaborated and shared our ideas at the planning stage using online blogs. I used the popular blogging service wordpress as it allowed me to share pictures, video and other media quickly in a neatly presented manner. The service also worked with another NMT area, mobile phones and other portable devices. I was able to download a WordPress application from the Apple iTunes Store and blog on the go using my iPod Touch, MP3 player. This meant that whenever I was inspired be something, no matter where I was in the world I was able to share this inspiration with the rest of my team.

At the planning stage I used Google Calendar. The service is a convergence of the standard calendar and the internet to provide a service that is accessible from hundreds of devices and computers. This helped me to stay organised at the planning stage when we planned our group meetings and filming schedule to make sure that there were no clashes with personal arrangements.

At the construction stage we used several NMT’s. For the film opening we used Apple’s iMovie 09 video editing software, the software was simple but lacked in power so for our music video we decided to use Apple’s Final Cut Pro and a few other applications in the Final Cut Studio such as Motion and DVD Studio Pro. This software provided us with the tools and ability to create a professional looking music video. The software was more difficult to understand but any problems were overcome by seeking technical support on search engines such as google and by watching YouTube videos.

We filmed both of our products using DV cameras and during the filming of the music video I took pictures using my LG Renoir (KC910) mobile phone. The convergence of an 8 megapixel camera and a 3.5g (HSDPA) mobile phone to create this new media technology meant that I could take quality photographs and upload them straight to the internet using my mobile phone. The phone also played an important part when it came to recording people’s feedback. I used it’s video camera to capture people’s reactions. I then edited this using FCP and uploaded this to our blogs and YouTube. This process has helped me to learn about the fast paced nature of the media industry from recording to editing and to the final product as this whole process only took about an hour and a half.

At the feedback stage we also tried to get people’s opinions from social networking websites. I uploaded the first cut of our product to YouTube and then posted a link on the social networking website Facebook where my friends were able to leave comments. As well as this I also posted a link to the video on micro-blogging website Twitter where people left me @replies with their comments on the video.

Overall new media technologies helped up to create professional pieces at a fraction of the cost and time that it would have otherwise taken. Everything from using photo sharing website Flickr when designing our digipack to distributing media on Facebook helped us to be more efficient.

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